7 Steps to Success

The Process

What Happens

Step 1:
Initial Inquiry

You review our introductory materials or visit our web site to learn more. If our services appear to fit your needs, you contact us to schedule a complimentary “Get Acquainted Meeting” and begin to complete our Confidential Questionnaire.   While this meeting usually takes place face-to-face, a phone meeting is also possible.  

Step 2:
Get Acquainted Meeting


This is our chance to get to know each other, discuss information on the Questionnaire, and review your financial goals, challenges and concerns.  By the conclusion of this session, you receive an estimate of the fee for providing financial planning services if you choose to move forward with an engagement.

Step 3:
Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

You gather the additional data we requested and complete your Cash Flow Worksheet and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire if needed.  Fax or mail this information to us before our next meeting.

Step 4:
Interactive Goal Setting Meeting 

During this discussion, you have another opportunity to clarify your current situation and financial goals.  We cover any additional questions or concerns you may have.  This meeting can often be handled over the phone to manage time efficiently.

Step 5:
Analysis and Plan Formulation 

The ball is in our court during this step. Using the information you have provided and doing whatever research is appropriate, we work on and develop your financial plan.  We contact you to confirm the date and time of our next meeting so we can discuss the plan.

Step 6:
Presentation of Your Financial Plan 

Congratulations! At this meeting you receive your personal financial plan, custom-designed to meet your financial goals.  We review it in detail as well as the implementation guidelines that we recommend.  Full payment of the balance for actual fees incurred is due at the conclusion of this meeting.

Step 7:
Financial Checkup

Periodic update meetings and reviews are essential to maintain good fiscal health.  Your advisor can schedule these periodic meetings with you at whatever frequency you think appropriate.  Remember that proper implementation of a financial plan and periodic professional reviews are crucial to reaching your financial goals.



To get started, call us at 404-633-1910 or email info@regencyfinancialplanning.com to schedule a free no-obligation get acquainted meeting.